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Yixsourcing offers professional sourcing, products, trading, shipping services in China.

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Yixsourcing was established in 2010 years in shenzhen, China. Our experienced team members have engagaged in sourcing, export trading bussiness over 20 years with rich products knowledge, skilled communication with suppliers, strict quality control. Our products line is very wide covering most of products used in our daily life from kitchenware, cloths, jewelry, machines, computer, cellphone parts, auto car parts, sports & outdoors, etc. 

  • Connect the buyers and suppliers with proven sourcing experience
  • Get well-matched manufacturer with skilled sourcing agent
  • Strict quality control in each order steps and final inspection before shipment.
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A whole world of Chinese suppliers at your fingertips

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We'll do the on-site check for the selected suppliers to ensure they could meet your demands.

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Free quotations of suppliers you or we provide. Free samples check. Free Storage.

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All the orders transaction would be safely, you could deal with the factory directly.

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Yixsourcing give you 3-5 suppliers' quotations for you to decide which supplier to work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find a reliable supplier?

We provide sourcing, quality control, inspection, order follow-up, custom products, taobao/1688 buying agent, printing, packing, photography, shipping, etc.

The commission rates are between 5-10% deponding on the total order amount. 

We will continue searching for a manufacturer for your satisfaction.

Sure, the suppliers information are open to you. You could contact with them directly when needed.

We support bank transfer, paypal, western union, payoneer, etc. 

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